Lulu @RoadsideReaderLulu is a native New Yorker and an avid book reader. The first decade of her life was spent reading whenever possible and impossible, which usually led to various reprimands from teachers and parents. After a while, teachers and parents realized there was nothing they could do to deter Lulu’s voracious literary appetite and instead, began to encourage her. She was known throughout elementary and junior high school as someone would most likely be found writing books. During high school, she began to write alongside a group of like-minded friends and it was then that she discovered reading and writing weren’t just a hobby, but a necessity. At university, she minored in Creative Writing, and majored in English, then in Secondary English Education as she hoped to instill a love of books in newer generations of youth. Lulu now works at for non-profit organisation, encouraging parents and children to read together on a daily basis.

An unabashed fan of genre, Lulu most enjoys stories of the paranormal and supernatural. She is also a devoted fan of the YA/NA genre, and always on the look-out for a great general fiction novel.

Roadside Reader

Why Roadside Reader? Because most of Lulu’s days are spent travelling to different homes as a nonprofit educator, and therefore, most of my reading is done by the wayside. This website has undergone a few transformations before finally finding the perfect place and balance. Yes, some of the books are Advanced Reader Copies we receive and review for free, but we will also spend an equal or greater amount of time reading and reviewing books personally purchased for leisure. Reading ARCs is always great, but sometimes, a reader just needs to slip back into familiar grounds.

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