Best of 2016

Bookcast | Best Reads of 2016

Welcome to the Roadside Reads Bookcast!

Be warned, there is foul language!


We end 2016 with a podcast featuring our favourite reads of the year! This one is full of goodies that had me adding more books to my ever growing TBR pile and I’m sure will to yours as well!

The next podcast will be January 11th and will feature the beginning of  Feast of Fates by Christian A Brown. We’re reading up to chapter 7 not including chapter 7, so read along with us and let’s see what we all think!

About Lulu

Thirty-something year old educator based in New York, Lulu loves books, blogging, gaming, and her pom son Frodo Barkins with whom she shares her life. Book reviews specialize in all kinds of fantasy, some YA, some romance, and some contemporary, especially in the gothic genre.