Bookcast Feast of Fates pt2

Bookcast | Feast of Fates pt2

Welcome to the Roadside Reads Bookcast!

Be warned, there is foul language!

We start getting to the meat of the book as characters go forth and mingle with one another and the world. Lulu has a frighteningly disturbing favorite character, Decon reads ahead, Helga hates a man, and Ally has a hopeful dream for her faves. Lots of fun talk this week!

Also, everyone a huge shout-out to author Christian A Brown for checking out the podcast last week and blogging about it. That was super cool and great to experience interaction with an author about a book the group is reading! Seriously, go check out his amazing response to last week’s show on his website!

Patreon sponsors! Enjoy this week’s mish-mash of a post-show as we respond to Christian A Brown’s blog, and talk a bit about what we hope will happen, as well as the sick ass dagger Morrigan and Caenith create! Next week for everyone following along, we’ll be reading up to section XVII The Long Nightmare NOT including that chapter.

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