Detour: Back from Hiatus

With no new posts in almost three weeks, some of y’all might have been wondering, hey, what happened to Lulu? What happened to Roadside Reader? Where are all the updates that were scheduled?

Well, the answer is pretty simple…and not at the same time. I took a little unanticipated break due to real life. Pretty lame, huh? Past three weeks have had me unable to open my mouth due to tmj and bruxism pain locking my jaw for about a week, prompting an emergency dentist visit and a splurge of $300 for a nightguard. Ouch!¬†During the three weeks, there was also the death of my budgie Louisa, my bb cat Luna falling ill, credit card theft, and the return of my crippling anxiety!

Thankfully, it seems a new month has brought new luck. Louisa the budgie has been given a burial and I was gifted three new budgies to keep her surviving mate Luca company. My cat Luna is back to normal and running wild. My cards are back in order and I’ve been refunded most of the money. As for the crippling anxiety, I made changes to my day-to-day life to bring that down to manageable levels before visiting my doctor about it this weekend.

So, after all this fuss, just wanted to say I’m back and blogging should be returning back to normal! Thanks for sticking around!

About Lulu

Thirty-something year old educator based in New York, Lulu loves books, blogging, gaming, and her pom son Frodo Barkins with whom she shares her life. Book reviews specialize in all kinds of fantasy, some YA, some romance, and some contemporary, especially in the gothic genre.