Detour: Project Fi!

So, back in December, my iPhone finally died. Instead of going out and buying a new, ridiculously overpriced iPhone, I decided to try the new Google Nexus 5x. It was so much cheaper than any Apple product and seemed like a better deal. A few months in, still very happy with it. Battery lasts a while, camera is AMAZING, apps and all that jazz are great.

Then, about a fortnight ago, I found out about Google’s Project Fi. What is Project Fi? It’s their version of mobile service. Since I’ve already practically sold myself to google (from the chromebook and phone, to google calendars, email, site analytics, indexing, etc), I thought about asking for an invite. I was at the time a T-Mobile pre-paid customer (hello commitment issues) and paying 54.44 a month for 3GB service with unlimited texts, calling, data. I almost never filled the 3gb quota, but as it was either 1gb or 3gb, obviously 3gb is the way to go.

Project Fi, on the other hand, let’s users choose how many gb they want, $10 per gb, plus the base $20 service. That would come out to roughly the same amount (actually $56.16). So why switch? Project Fi actually gives money back. Well, credit back. If you don’t use all of your gb in a pay period, they credit your account the next pay period for the amount of money unspent. So, if I only use 2gb? Next pay period I’ll pay only $46. You can argue all you want that it’s only ten dollars, but man, ten dollars is a lot to someone making very little working at a non-profit.

A week after requesting an invite, I received a box in the mail from google containing a new sim card and another box of goodies.

A new charge cable, which is most excellent so now I can keep one at my office, and some building blocks. At first, I thought it was just some kitschy gimmick, “Let’s build on this.” No, they literally meant let’s build on this and included two little diagrams on accessories you could make for the phone — a cable organizer or a phone stand. I chose the phone stand and it works fantastically and was easy to build.

So pretty things aside, how is the service? Well, I’ve made phone calls off of wifi and on wifi, both sound the same. I haven’t yet made a phone call going from wifi to cellular or vice-versa but will update this post when I do on whether there are any hiccups there. I spent two days without any free wifi at my office and used my phone more than I normally would (making calls, streaming, shopping, chatting, facebooking, wordpressing, connecting with my gamer pals via Discord, etc). Then, I went into the Project Fi app and checked how much I used at the end of those two days, only .12gb. Spending the weekend with my phone, not a single mb gained as I was on my home wifi and neighbourhood wifi wherever I went.

In all, this seems like a really neat idea and I’m excited to see what my bill looks like come March. If you’re on a solo phone plan and tend to buy phones in one go instead of those typical deals where you pay it off month by month for a few years, I definitely say try it.

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