Detour: Where have I been??

Holy moly! Said I was coming back from hiatus, then went away again. Where was I? Better question might be where wasn’t I!

So, right after my last few posts, I went away to Boston on mini vacation! I went to gaming convention Pax East for the first time! It sure was a mega let down! Too many stinky, sweaty, gross folks without a single idea on what personal hygiene is and not enough games I was actually interested in. I did manage to go see the Funhaus panel, which was fun. I then tried to sight see. It was boring. Maybe it’s because I’m from NYC so it pretty much felt like a baby version of New York? Just boring.

After that, I came back and worked for two days, celebrated my birthday (32!), and then went and did the Captain America all day movie marathon in theaters. It was worth it. AMAZING!! The movie marathon also meant I was finally able to watch Age of Ultron, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Also, Civil War was more than I ever thought it could be and I really loved it so much more than the comic!

Right after the marathon, 4 hours after the marathon ended to be exact, I was on my way to the airport on mini vacation number two! Where did I go? Phoenix, Arizona! It was hot and sunny! Now this was a fun trip and something I had never experienced before. Wow, a city with no grass, cactus everywhere, and horrible tasting water (it all tasted like it had at least tablespoon of salt mixed in). While I had a fantastic time there, and would LOVE to visit it again, I don’t think I’d ever live there. Mostly because of the water, partly because it’s so dependent on driving I could not survive. I went and rode a horse!!! at the Ponderosa Stables. It was so much fun, I loved it there and definitely worth the price. I also visited the Phoenix Zoo, and the Phoenix Art Museum, where they had a lovely exhibit featuring poetry and artwork from children. Can you guess which one was my favourite?

Five hours after returning from Phoenix, I was whisked off to Long Island for work conferences and then a concert last night, where I ended up getting hit in the eye by a sloppy drunk girl who can’t hold her liquor.

So, as you can see, fun, but busy. My vacations are now done with none planned the next two months at least, so things should hopefully return back to normal now (though still hectic as we’re planning graduation at work which happens in a few weeks). Expect a bevy of reviews to come up since I did manage to get some reading done while flitting about all over the place.

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  1. Tasha

    What is with horses and Ponderosa? I swear there’s a place on the island I visit in Greece with the same name, haha.

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