The Devil's Bride by Lucy Gordon

The Devil’s Bride by Lucy Gordon

 The Devil’s Bride
by Lucy Gordon

Can the Devil ever be reformed…?

Calvina Bracewell, an orphaned parson’s daughter, lives a wretched life, taken in by a family who abuse her and use her family connections to their own ends.
But Calvina’s world is changed overnight when she marries a man who is wealthy and incredibly attractive. But is he also the devil?
Lord Rupert Glennister is both admired and feared. His uncanny ability with cards and his notorious success with women seem to hint at mysterious forces helping him.
Known as ‘Devil Glennister’, society has threatened to exclude him unless he can redeem himself by marrying a woman of virtue.
In Calvina Bracewell, the face of moral fortitude and all that is godly, the ‘Devil’ sees the perfect bride to save his reputation, and bring him back into the society which is beginning to exclude him due to his over-indulgences.
But Calvina has another love – the innocent Toby, her first love.
Yet this secret attachment is now made impossible by circumstance, but can Calvina forget Toby in favour of Rupert?
Is this sudden marriage simply one of convenience or will it develop into a match of passion?
With Rupert’s former lovers and exploits confronting her at every turn, how can she contemplate life as a respectable wife?
And more importantly, will Rupert draw Calvina deeper into darkness?
In a discovery of love, passion and jealously, Lucy Gordon brings Calvina into the hearts of her readers in a romance filled with suspense and mystery.
As her life takes a sinister turn, Calvina may have the riches and position of a Lady, but who is it that keeps making repeated attempts on her life?

Rated: ★★★
Publisher: Endeavour Press
Publication: October 11, 2016
Genre: Romance, Historical
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this title.

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The Devil’s Bride by Lucy Gordon

I went into The Devil’s Bride by Lucy Gordon expecting something devilish, paranormal. What I got instead was an absolutely lovely and entertaining historical romance that was thoroughly engaging. The characters were fantastic and well defined. Rupert was drool-worthy and Calvina grew from the meek girl at the start to a force to be reckoned with by the end. The pacing is spot-on. Never slow, never fast, just right! We get to grow with the characters and with their relationship, which is great! I haven’t giggled and gushed as much as I did reading this in quite some time. Seeing these lovely beautiful idiots fall in love with one another and then try to deny it, fight it, each thinking the other despises them. It’s fantastic! Finally, throw in a bit of a twist at the end with a small little mystery and attempted murder, The Devil’s Bride by Lucy Gordon is an amazingly entertaining historical romance that hits the spot for a lovely light, delightful read!


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