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Friday 56 & Book Beginnings for August 19

Hosted by Freda’s Voice, the Friday 56 asks readers to grab their book, turn to page 56 (or 56%) and post a non-spoilery sentence. Decided to go with our Roadside Reads Podcast Read-along, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

Six of Crows


It was the first part of a Fjerdan saying, The water hears and understands. 


For Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader, we share the start of a book we’re reading, along with our impressions. I’ve just started reading White Rabbit Society by Brendan Detzner and was super sucked into it already with just the start.

White Rabbit Society


Paul had meant to sleep, just for a little while in case the old man checked in on him, but it was all he could do to lay still. His heart was beating like a jackhammer. It’d been there all day, when he’d woken up in the morning and had breakfast and swept the floor of the library. Today’s the day, today’s the day. 

This was such an intriguing start to the book and really blew me away. I wasn’t expecting it to be so immediately interested and invested in the novel, so I’m super excited to see where it goes. Paul gives me the creepy feels and I want to know more about Shadow, the creature in the cover. I’m super excited to get through this book over the weekend!

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  1. Nicole

    I could not get into Six of Crows. I hope you enjoy it.
    White Rabbit Society has an unique cover but I am not sure it is for me. Happy Weekend!

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