Guest Post: Ms. Lorenz Font

Guest Post: Ms. Lorenz Font

To celebrate the re-release of Hunted, and its sequel Tormented, we caught up with author Lorenz Font and asked how she manages to work with such a well-known trope while still keeping her voice and narrative unique in a market inundated with vampire fiction. Here is what she said…

Vampires are fabled creatures with legions of fans. They carry a degree of mysticism that excites the young and old alike. As a fan of these creatures, I have devoured a number of related articles and works of fiction, and I’ve always been fascinated by the lore surrounding them. One of my first exposures to vampires was Stephen King’sSalem’s Lot.  Then there were several books that cemented my love for these creatures. Their long and storied existence in our imaginations has given rise to many different and interesting concepts. A few things remain unchanged. Vampires drink blood. They have fangs. They are impulsive and foreboding creatures that lurk in the dark. This is a good starting point in creating a story about them.

With the basic foundation in place, I began developing my own spin about them. It was a no-brainer to set the series in one of the most interesting cities in the world, New York City. The challenge in this particular endeavor is creating a believable scenario and something fresh that will (hopefully) set it apart from the rest.

My series, The Gates Legacy, is written in third person. It gives me flexibility in the way I’m able to tell the story. Bouncing from one viewpoint to another, I try to engage the readers by sharing the emotions of key characters. This gives readers a chance to experience each character’s feelings and inner conflicts, thus creating a rapport right away. Multiple storylines are featured throughout the series as an introduction to the different characters who will be the focus of the next book.

Hunted, the first book of the series, began with Harrow, a human turned vampire. After his transition, he unknowingly spread a disease that ravaged the vampire community. This led the vampire authorities to hunt him down. Considering the fact that vampire lore has been written in countless ways, I was looking for a spin that would set my stories apart from what is out there already. Beyond Harrow’s disease, I included martial arts and a healthy dose of action, which I hope will also attract a male readership. Engaging the readers right off the bat is a challenge all writers face. I use a simplistic approach in my storytelling, such as by using slang in dialogue, and keeping each character as relatable as possible.

Take a look at Hunted, then Tormented, to see what I’m talking about. Any vampire aficionado will find the traditional features of their favorite creatures intact. The addition of the threat of Harrow’s disease in the center of the tale is what makes this series unique.

 Indeed, Harrow and his disease really do set this series apart from most other novels in the genre.

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Thanks again Ms Font!

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