Between Heaven and Hell by David Burnett

Between Heaven and Hell by David Burnett

 Between Heaven and Hell
by David Burnett

As Heaven divides and Hell arises, angelic hearts will be broken . . .

Devoted to one another, Adryel and Ramael must each choose a side in the brewing war over the creation of humanity: God desires to breathe life into his new creation, but Lucifer is intent upon sabotage.

Ramael faithfully serves as second in command of the Army of Heaven; his loyalty never waivers. Adryel—swayed by Lucifer’s arguments—casts her lot in with the rebelling archangel. Leaving Ramael and all else she holds dear, Adryel wages war with Lucifer and refuses to renounce him. Finding herself exiled to Hell, she furthers her efforts in support of the cause by tempting the newly created humans to embrace Lucifer’s persuasion.

Despite the battle lines, Adryel yearns to tell Ramael she loves him still. But how could he ever return her love when she has done more to thwart God’s plans than all the other fallen angels combined?

Rated: ★★½
Publisher: Kindle Press
Publication: October 4, 2016
Genre: Angels
Received via Kindle Scout

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Between Heaven and Hell by David Burnett

Angels, romance, and the Fall? I’m sold! I love reading about the struggle between good and evil, especially when laid out in such definitive terms using angels. Between Heaven and Hell by David Burnett does just that, showing how easy it is to slip from bad judgement to bad choices.

The start might be a bit difficult for some readers to get into as it revolves around a debate, ergo much chatter little action. We read a lot about the dilemma of choosing to do evil or good when given absolute free will. I love these types of discussions, so I was engaged immediately. But, for those that aren’t, the story does move on from talk to action as the War starts. Pacing picks up and is steady but quick as events unfold.

Small criticisms I have about the story. I expected there to be more, which might be a problem of mine and not the story. The time spent on Earth isn’t as much as I would have hoped and the love story between Adryel and Ramael isn’t strong enough to warrant the struggle that is pivotal to the book. Then, the ending upset me because I didn’t think it would be that simple.

Between Heaven and Hell by David Burnett is an entertaining novella that pits the ideas of good against evil and the propensity to slide into bad decisions with the best of intentions.

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