High TIde at Harvest Moon by Taryn Blackthorne

High Tide at Harvest Moon by Taryn Blackthorne

 High Tide at Harvest Moon
by Taryn Blackthorne

She’s haunted. He’s lethal. Trust issues, anyone?

Finally, Lexi Coolen has a home. Or so she thinks. Bouncing around for over 10 years, she’s discovered she’s safest on her own. Shaking off the shadow of being a teen amongst werewolves has been tough, but she’s always managed. Until she met Kerr.

Kerr MacDonald messed up. Letting a rival pack’s pet human move into town without permission is bad for business. Fixing things should be easy, except he’s torn. Force her out or claim her as his own?

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Rated: ★★½
Publication: March 15, 2016
Genre: Urban Paranormal, Romance, Shifters
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this title.

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High Tide at Harvest Moon by Taryn Blackthorne

I’m a sucker for shifters and shifter romance. So when I was approached to review High Tide at Harvest Moon by Taryn Blackthorne, I was excited! Fictional romance between characters that seem to hate each other really is a favorite trope of mine, so to see Lexi fight her attraction to Kerr was fantastic!

The build-up to the inevitable romance was great! You see Kerr trying to do everything right and being so damn dreamy, while Lexi remains prickly. With good reason we find out, but even she can’t keep him out for long. The writing is hot and sexy. The major complaint I had, however, was how jarring the start was. It definitely doesn’t fit in with the rest of the story and immediately throws you off of Kerr, and a bit off of Lexi too.

Once you get past the start of the story, you really begin to feel for everyone involved. For Lexi and all she’s been through, for Kerr and what he’s been through (even though we don’t really know it all because a man with mysteries is always fairly sexy), and for pack policies. High Tide at Harvest Moon by Taryn Blackthorne is definitely a good start to a new werewolf romance series that I definitely want more of!


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