The Importance of Being Prudence by Elizabeth Porter

The Importance of Being Prudence by Elizabeth Porter

 The Importance of Being Prudence
by Elizabeth Porter

Prudence and Joshua are two people happy with their routine lives. She is in love with books, while Joshua is attracted to just about anyone with muscles.
Not surprisingly, complication arises when a gorgeous man with large muscles walks through the door.
“Gorgeous doesn’t mean dateable.”
Tongue-in-cheek humor, heart breaking drama, and whirlwind romance of
girl-meets-vampire and
are just part of why this story will be read over and over.

Rated: ★★
Publication: August 18, 2016
Genre: Vampire, Paranormal Romance
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this title.

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The Importance of Being Prudence by Elizabeth Porter

Though the cover leaves much to be desired, the synopsis makes The Importance of Being Prudence by Elizabeth Porter sound like fun. And it is, mostly. Frivolous in the best sense of the word, the book reads as two stories, both of which are interesting, that tie together with main character Prudence and a revolving harem of sexy men.

We get a small bit of insight on Prudence at the start as we see her run her store and monologue about the type of person he is. However, none of that is necessary as best friend Joshua barely figures into the story (sadly as their dynamic was fun) and the store Prudence runs becomes a non-factor pretty quickly as well. Plus, Prudence plays out to be the exact type of girl she said she wasn’t.

Still, it’s a fun read. There are plenty of handsome vampires in love with Prudence at first scent. There’s sex. There are mysterious murders that quickly get solved. AND THEN A-WHOLE-NOTHER STORY! It goes from being a murder mystery to suddenly a dramatic life-or-death romance. Both halves are fun simply because the writing is so bubbly, even when things get serious, you have the feeling that Prudence will be okay. The Importance of Being Prudence by Elizabeth Porter is a refreshing and fun read that gets sexy and dramatic, but never overly so, nor does it take itself too seriously.

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