Legally Gone by Sally Shanks

Legally Gone by Sally Shanks

 Legally Gone
by Sally Shanks

Children are disappearing all over the country and these abductions are somehow linked to each other.

A contentious divorce and custody battle leaves Brooke Sherman and her children emotionally battered but moving forward with their lives while ex-husband and father Marc Sherman is left with an anger so overpowering he would stop at nothing to secure his revenge. Brooke comes home from a much needed night out with friends to discover her children are gone. They’ve been taken by strangers from outside her parents’ home and now she must find a way to get them back.

With the help of Eli, a local town sheriff and another parent whose daughter has been stolen from him, Brooke embarks on a journey to recover all of the lost children. Could the children really be test subjects in secret technological experiments? Why the children have been taken is a mystery that has to be solved in order to save them from a conspiracy bigger than anyone suspects.

Rated: ★/DNF @ 47%
Publication: September 28, 2015
Genre: Mystery
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this title.


Legally Gone by Sally Shanks

I was really intrigued by the synopsis, and since I really liked her husband’s book, I thought Legally Gone by Sally Shanks would be really fantastic. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into it and had to give up 47% into the book. Most of the book is tell and not show. We are told all of these things that happened, but we don’t really see much of it happening. Even the kidnapping, we’re told about it after it happened. Then, there’s the involvement of father’s rights and men’s rights activists and I’m just not interested. I mean, it’s an interesting angle to go, but I still just didn’t feel right about it. The pacing was slow and the characters felt one dimensional. Even once we got to the kidnapped children in the facility, I simply couldn’t care what the tests were for or if they were going to live.

It just wasn’t the right book for me but it does have really good reviews so I’m sure there is an audience for it.

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