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Man Crush Monday – February 29, 2016

Man Crush Monday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Roadside Reader meant to show some loving to our favourite literary males! From obvious choices like your Jace Herondales and Mr. Darcys, to more obscure or debateable characters such as the Nicolas de Lenfents or Heathcliffs of the world, here is your chance to make your case on their behalf!

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Today’s MCM is…. a mess. No one should like him. He is thoroughly unlikeable, a psychotic sadist who throws tantrums when things don’t go his way. And yet, I really, really like him as a character. As I just finished Feast of Fates, I have been unable to think of anything else. Therefore, seems only logical that my MCM be a character from there. A character I doubt anyone else cares for, and yet I do.

Sorren Blackbriar, the psychotic necromancer.

He is a villain, truly, but then again, I do seem to have a thing for villains (hello Mairon and Melkor). As a youth, he was studious, and in his mother’s eyes, weak and soft.


Yet, everything changed when he discovered his wife was in love with his brother, and had given birth not to the son he thought was his, but rather his nephew. He snapped, demanding death and retribution. Anger bubbling out of him towards the brother that was destined to have it all, taking even his wife from him.

“It never mattered how smart or powerful I was, that I was the one with magik and you were only good with wit and a blade. Somehow, you always managed to achieve what I could not. You grew stronger and more handsome than I did. You could hold your own in a fight as well as a debate. Were it not for your treachery, I might never have seen the simplest solution to this problem. The problem of always being in your shadow. Killing you.”
XIII The Escape I


I just, he is such a whiny baby, and such an evil character. Yet, I like him. This is a testament to how well author Christian Brown can flesh a character out, so that even villains are multi-faceted and relateable, to a degree.

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