Netflix and Spill: Gotham: Season One

GothamSo, a weeks ago, I was super sick and stuck at home with nothing to do. With a fevered brain, there’s no way I was going to be coherent enough to read, so I chose the next best option and went on a Netflix binge. Drug of choice? Gotham!

Now, I’m not usually a fan of the DC universe. Never read the comics, never was really interested in them. I was a big fan of Batman: The Animated Series growing up (who wasn’t?) and also enjoyed The Dark Knight, but other than that, I’ve just been indifferent. Could it be due to my strong Marvel preference? Possibly. But, since I had started Gotham when it first premiered, and it was on Netflix, I decided to give it another go.

Wow, was I glad I did!

Back when season 1 was airing on tv, I would catch it. Thought it was okay but nothing to write home about. Then the midseason finale happened, and they lost me. I completely forgot the show existed until it popped up on Netflix, when I decided to give it a second shot. It really did pick up.

The characters gained greater depth. It was so fantastic to see Gordon go from, “I will do no wrong. I am Super Honourable Policeman!” to “Hey, I’ll likely regret this but I see now we’re not in a black and white world and I might have to make some allowances.” He may have started up in Gotham as the typical young cop, full of bravado, thinking I’ll be the one to change the world, but slowly, he starts to realise and understand how the GCPD came to where they are, how Harvey just stopped giving a damn.

While Jim’s White Knight status became less shiny after a long, slow burn, Barbara’s was a quick descent to darkness. Drugs, parents who don’t care, slumming it with street urchins, then the whole Milo Ventimiglia situation. Actress Erin Richards truly shines as a woman with nothing left to lose, so “fuck it, I’ll just go batshit insane, maybe then I’ll be loved.” I really, really want to start the second season just to see what happens to her. How will she eventually clean up and get back with Gordon? I can’t see them straying too far from the comics, putting Jim with Leslie instead.

One thing I loved, but also disliked, were the villains! They were all SO AMAZING. Love seeing all of their origin stories. But, with Gordon having such a relationship with them so early on, makes me wonder how a) no one received any intervention services early on to prevent them from becoming adult supervillains and b) why it was so difficult to defeat them. Why spend all that time wondering who these people are when you know right and well who they are. Why did most of them wait until Bruce was grown up to start actively committing crimes? Okay, Scarecrow is locked away, Selena is theoretically already starting, as are Riddler and Penguin. But none of them seem like the slow burn type of villain. Their escalation to violence and mayhem wouldn’t take so long that Bruce is able to grow up, train, decide to become Batman, and then everything blows up from there.

Speaking of Bruce and Selena, their relationship is so sweet. It’s everything I’ve always wanted and believed the Batman/Catwoman relationship to be. They like each other, love each other even, but know they cannot live in the other’s world. So, it’s fantastic to see that fracture very much present from the very beginning.

I’m going to hold off watching the second season until I can marathon it (Queen of Impatience over here), but those that are following it week by week, what are you thoughts on season two? How does it compare to the first season? Can I expect more of my beloved husband, Harvey Dent?

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