Review Policy

As of 6 December, 2017, book review slots are full through February 5, 2018. If I have worked with you in the past, read part of your series, or am truly sold on the book, I will try to make an exception and find an earlier slot for your review. I accept either ARCs or finished copies in e-book and physical form of the following genres:

  • Fantasy
    • Epic Fantasy
    • High Fantasy
    • Contemporary Fantasy
    • Historical Fantasy
    • New Adult Fantasy
    • Young Adult Fantasy
  • Paranormal/Supernatural
    • Urban
    • Mystery/Thriller
    • Alternate History
    • New Adult
    • Young Adult
    • Romance
  • Contemporary Retelling
  • Dystopian
  • Horror
  • Gothic/Southern Gothic
  • Steampunk
  • Coming-of-age/Bildungsroman
  • Cozy Mystery

Books that are part of a series will only be reviewed if the previous novels are made available.

Please email requests to OR use this google form

In your email request, please state whether you are sending an e-book or would prefer to mail a physical copy. In addition, please include a cover image, relevant genres, page count, publication date, a story synopsis, and any applicable links. I will respond to your request within three business days. If accepted, I will let you know your spot on the current review queue and ask you to send the book out within 24-48 hours.

I do not accept audiobooks, nonfiction, poetry, or political novels/novellas. Anything not specifically included or excluded will be looked at upon a case by case basis.


The normal turnaround time for reviews is roughly a week between book start and review post, but they may take up to a month depending on the book queue. If you/your publisher prefer reviews to be released closer to/after publication date, please specify so in your initial contact email so I may hold the review for a more convenient time.

Reviews are cross-posted to GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, facebook page, and twitter. A copy will also be sent to the party who provided the book for review. Reviews include links to the author website, publisher (if available), amazon, Barnes and Noble, and worldcat. Genre/relevant topics, star and written rating, synopsis, and any memorable quotes/extracts will be included in the review as well. I can also do build-ups to the book release or publicity for the review by way of author interviews, character spotlights, giveaways, etc and participate in book tours.

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