Darkness, by Erin Eveland

Darkness by Erin Eveland


One Girl. One Boy. And the Masters of Darkness. See the Shadow Creatures. They are everywhere. But you can’t run from the shadows. Or the Masters who control them.

At the age of sixteen, Catherine lives with an alcoholic mother and impoverished welfare. While searching for a way to tell her only friend Nathan of her desire for him, a hidden world starts to unfold with the coincidental meeting of a man in black, Jorgen. With this encounter, questions arise and unexplained events start to occur, causing Catherine to confront her past and an uncertain future.

Upon graduating High School, Nathan cooks at a local bar wondering how he can leave town with the girl he’s fallen in love with, Catherine. All seems hopeless until a man in black, Artros, introduces himself offering power greater than all the money that drives the world.

Ancient enemies with the power to control the Darkness and its Shadow Creatures, two Masters will fight to the death for what one girl may hold – the ultimate power of Light.

Erin Eveland
Publisher: Selladore Press
Publication: July 2014
Genre: Supernatural, Horror
I received this title for free in exchange for an honest review
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Rated: ★★★★ (high 3½)

Darkness by Erin Eveland

This is the second book I’ve read for the RIP IX horror challenge and thankfully, it was so amazing it completely made up for the failure of the first challenge book. The writing is solid and Eveland does a fantastic job at creating a spooky atmosphere, inspiring a sense of dread even on a sunny day. The story itself is interesting and extremely captivating, even if some of the characters fall flat. You can tell that Eveland really knows what she’s writing about and has a firm grasp on the mythology she’s weaving; I was never left wondering how a specific form of ‘magic’ worked or why something was happening. Everything was well explained, but not overly done, and it left me wanting to know more about this world of shadows and colours.

The first part of the book introduces Catherine, a lovable little girl living in complete isolation with her grandmother. Raised in almost complete seclusion from others, Catherine’s world is shattered when the only person she’s known her entire life is put in a hospital after a frightening series of escalating events. You see, young Catherine would have sudden ‘fits’ in which she would seem almost possessed. She would suddenly attack her grandmother or talk about a mysterious nightly visitor. There were constant episodes of dancing trances. She was convinced that there were shadow creatures slowly picking away at her grandmother as the greater her fear became. Finally, it became too much for both Catherine and her grandmother and suddenly the visions and the episodes went away, as did grandmother when Catherine was forcibly placed with her abusive, both emotionally and physically, birth mother. The larger portion of the book deals with the aftermath of this placement. The effect of both the negligent treatment she received for the better part of a decade, and the repressed memories and abilities that were locked away.

While I did not find Catherine or Nathan’s characters to be extremely exciting, even though they should be considering everything that surrounds them, I believe that’s only because the other, cursory characters are so much more intriguing. We know what makes Catherine and Nathan tick. We know their childhoods (for the most part) and what their desires are. Artros, Jorgen, and Esa are complete mysteries. We know they have some sort of power. We know they have lived a very long time. We know there was, at once time, a love triangle between the three. They are where the excitement lay for me. I’m sure, though, once Catherine and Nathan begin to understand their new gifts and the world they’ve now been placed in, they’ll shine through.

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