Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs


Being a mechanic is hard work. Mercy Thompson, for instance, just spent the last couple of months trying to evade the murderous queen of the local vampire seethe. And now the leader of the werewolf pack, who’s maybe-more-than-just-a-friend, has asked for her help. A book of fae secrets has come to light and they’re all about to find out how implacable – and dangerous – the fae can be.

OK, so maybe her troubles have nothing to do with the job. But she sure could use a holiday…

Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson #5)
Patricia Briggs
Publisher: Ace
Publication: March 2010
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, fae, shifters
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Rated: ★★

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

Silver Borne takes a break from the vampires that have troubled Mercy in the previous books, and decides to visit the unpredictable and dangerous fae, while simultaneously putting an end to the unresolved feelings and conflict between Adam, Mercy, and Samuel. It’s a good read, not the best, but definitely not bad. It’s a good solid book in the series with plenty of excitement and plot.

A date night between Adam and Mercy leaves her with angry and suspicious as one of her new packmates has decided to invade her headspace to interfere with her relationship with their Alpha. As she attempts to put some distance between herself and the pack, she discovers Samuel has had an “accident” which leaves his wolf in charge and the human half of his psyche hidden away. Normally, this schism between wolf and man would lead to the destruction of both, but Mercy knows better and decides to keep it secret and risk a massive massacre.

Simultaneously, Zee’s son calls and asks for her help regarding an old mutual acquaintance, the bookstore owner who lent Mercy a book of fae stories. She takes wolf Sam with her to investigate. Things get messy as they discover a powerful fae is after Mercy’s book for reasons unknown to many.

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