Roadside Reads Podcast

Guest Starring!

So you’ve listened to our bookcasts and would love to take part in one or two! That’s fantastic and definitely something we’d love to have happen! There are various ways to contribute to the bookcast as a listener!

First up, you can guest star on the bookcast! If you’ve been reading along with us and really want to have your say alongside us for an episode or more, let us know! We can try to work something out with you via scheduling and we promise, we aren’t mean to people we aren’t close friends with, so there will be no biting!

If you’re a bit shyer and don’t want to put your voice out there, that’s fine too! You can submit comments and questions and we’ll use them as launching points during our bookcast, giving you all the credit you desire for coming up with the topic!

Do you have your own blog or bookcast and you’d like to come on to talk about? We can work something out to have you come on and talk to us about it!

Roadside Reader and the Roadside Reads Podcast is all about the community, so the more we can do to include you, the better we feel, and the better the work is!