Roadside Reads Podcast

Bookcast Sponsorship!

If you think your book would do well with the Roadside Reads bookcast and would like to be a sponsor, definitely let us know! As you can see, the (now) weekly bookcasts focus on ONE book, which is the major topic of conversation for the entire month in at least one hour long podcasts (meaning 4 bookcasts dedicated to the reading of your book).

The only parameters for sponsorship are that it falls within one of the genres the casters read (listed below) and that you are able to provide free ebook copies to the casters (you can choose which casters you’d prefer to do your bookcast, or the casters will decide who is interested in it).

As host, Lulu will approve the bookcast sponsorships based on whether the book will be a good fit for the casters and will not be a book that will be negatively criticized for four weeks straight (because that’s just mean). Once you’re approved, you will be given the information of the casters so you may send them the ebook.

On our part, we agree not to share the ebooks with anyone that was not selected as a caster and to use them solely for the purpose of this bookcast. We reserve the right, however, to post a written review of the book on blogs, goodreads, and/or amazon.