T5W // Side Ships

T5W: Side Ships!

Top Five Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Lainey and Samantha over on the T5W goodreads group. This week’s prompt was:

Tell us your favorite relationships that don’t involve the protagonist!

So this is a fun topic! I love shipping side characters because oftentimes, I find that I’m so much more attracted to the minor characters than the main ones. In no particular order…

Nesta and Cassian, my precious babies, the only saving grace of the ACOTAR series for me (technically, it’s just Nesta, but I’ll take the package deal). I love the conflict between the two of them. That they’re seeming opposites, but when you take a closer look, you realize they have a lot more in common, only differing in how they have chosen to deal with their situations. Bless the fandom for all of the content they give because I am living off of it.

Magnus and Alec, boy am I happy they’re canon because I have loved them from the beginning. Goes back again to the opposites but not really thing I seem to love. Alec’s all tight-laced and rules, Magnus a bit more loosey-goosey, but in the end, they meld to one another, changing the other for the better, mostly.

THESE BABIES DESERVE ALL THE HAPPINESS! Eowyn and Faramir find in each other a partner that accepts them for who they are and loves them because of it. It’s an easy kind of love and they are too precious for this world. Plus, a bit of role subversion because she’s the wannabe fighter and he’s the peace-keeper. Bless them.

T5W // Jasper and Alice

THE STORIES I WANT BUT NEVER RECEIVED FOR THESE TWO! Yes, yes, Twilight and everything that comes with it, but I don’t care. Jasper and Alice were amazing characters and the fact that they were side characters that never received a spin-off kills me. He yields to her completely and she’s so tiny but terrifying. Their dynamic is the best one of the saga, hands down.

T5W // Mimi and Kingsley

Blast from the past, I haven’t thought about Mimi and Kingsley in ages; not since I finished the Blue Bloods series. That being said, I absolutely loved them as a couple. That finally Mimi could find someone that wanted her just as she was, all the negatives involved with that, I was just beyond ecstatic. They are a love that was chosen, not a love that was fated, which is something so powerful to see, especially in YA fiction. Sometimes, your ‘perfect’ mate isn’t the one for you. Go out there, find your own fate, your own destiny, and don’t settle.

Any of these side ships your faves as well? Have any book recs based on the relationships I love? Let me know!

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  1. Bebe

    Great list! I agree completely with Magnus and Alec. I totally forgot about Alice and Jasper and am a bit sad that I did! They are my favorite couple from the Twilight series.

    Brianna at Listful Booking

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