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Interview with Christian A Brown

Bookcast | Interview with Christian A Brown

Welcome to the Roadside Reads Bookcast!

Be warned, there is foul language!

It’s technically still Wednesday so the podcast isn’t late this week! Hurrah! This week we have an absolutely amazing podcast! We were lucky enough to sit down with the author of Feast of Fates, Christian A Brown! We talked about his series, life, and a few serious issues as well, so definitely a must listen to! Also, Helga’s views on the Nordic countries are purely her own, so don’t send anyone else any hate mail! INTERVIEW IS FULL SPOILERS!!

Sorry for some of the audio issues during the podcast. We didn’t record as we normally do, which apparently also gave my pupper Frodo the license to squeak at inopportune times. Yikes!

New intro music!
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Next week we start Pride and Prejudice and Zombies so pick up your copy today and start reading! We’re reading up to but not including Chapter 19!