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White Rabbit Society 2

White Rabbit Society pt2 by Brendan Detzner

 White Rabbit Society pt2
by Brendan Detzner

White Rabbit Society Part Two completes the story that started in White Rabbit Society Part One. Four years have passed. With a lot a of luck and at great personal cost, Andrew has managed to not get killed. He’s a magician now, for better or worse. He’s knowledgeable, confident, and also ambitious, which may be the biggest danger he’s had to face yet. Because there are scarier things out there than a teenager with a little magic and a chip on his shoulder, and Andrew’s heading right for them.

Rated: ★★★½
Publisher: Attack Rabbit Press
Publication: February 02, 2017
Genre: Magic realism, Urban fantasy, paranormal
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this title.

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White Rabbit Society pt2 by Brendan Detzner

An AMAZING follow-up, White Rabbit Society pt2 by Brendan Detzner takes readers on an emotional ride, culminating in an ending that satisfies. This honestly is one of the best follow-ups I have read in a while. It continues a great, original story, and keeps its characters true to themselves. White Rabbit Society, both parts 1 and 2, make me sad that there aren’t more books in this sort of gritty magic realism genre (UNLESS there are, and if so, please point me to them ALL).

Detzner is great at using his words concisely, which only serves to maximize the impact of the situation at hand. You are never bogged down by descriptions, nor do you find yourself lost in an amorphous world. Everything is tethered to and dependent on the characters, all of whom progress in arcs that feel natural and appropriate, both for the world and the characters themselves. Time passes between the first and second book and we see Andrew, and Josh, mature into young adults wildly different from one another. Yet, they both age as you’d expect them to. Andrew, independent, strong, loyal, conscientious. Josh, power hungry, loyal to a point, wild.

With quick and steady pacing, fantastic character development, and a world-ending plot, White Rabbit Society pt2 by Brendan Detzner is a great sequel and ending to an amazing story. Definitely pick up both halves and enjoy this gem!

White Rabbit Society Brendan Detzner

White Rabbit Society by Brendan Detzner

 White Rabbit Society
by Brendan Detzner

Andrew is fifteen years old. He’s been sent to stay with his grandmother for the summer while his parents finish their divorce, but the summer’s up and he’s still stuck up in Wisconsin. And his best and only friend is a monster.

Shadow lives under a gazebo in the park. She has a body made of spare parts, she seems to be omnipotent, and she likes to play chess. Andrew doesn’t tell anybody about Shadow. Nobody listens to him anyway.

Andrew’s Uncle Paul comes to town. Andrew didn’t know he had an Uncle Paul. Paul knows about Shadow. Paul knows lots of things. Some of them are things he shouldn’t know; some of them are things no one should know. And he’s interested in teaching.

Unfortunately, Paul isn’t stopping by just to say hello. He’s being pursued, by people interested in his secrets. People interested in Shadow. And soon, people interested in Andrew.

Publisher: Attack Rabbit Press
Publication: July 15, 2016
Genre: Magic realism, Urban fantasy, Paranormal
I received this title for free in exchange for an honest review
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Rated: ★★★

White Rabbit Society by Brendan Detzner

White Rabbit Society by Brendan Detzner was such an interesting and great read, I’m so happy Mr. Detzner asked me to review his novel! It was extremely well written and reminded me a bit of the magic realism from The Dresden Files, but also seemed bit like The Seer by Grant Palmquist  in that it revolved around a pair of teens trying to understand the weirdness of the world around them. What made this an extra fun book, however, was the extra element of a club/mafia/mob involvement. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I absolutely LOVE heist and mafia/organized crime type books, so that was such a pleasant addition to find.

After being abandoned at his grandmother’s house, Andrew is bored and lonely, which surprise, surprise, leads to his discovery of Shadow, an ephemeral creature that lives beneath a gazebo at the park. He gives Shadow a name and befriends her. She, in turn, struggles to understand what she is, as well as what is the world she is a part of. Detzner does a great job in portraying not only Shadow’s innocence, but also her and Andrew’s naivete.This culminates towards the books ending, which shows just how Shadow chooses to evolve and the actions she takes.

Then, we have the adults in the story, Paul playing a major part. This is where the mafia/heist elements come into play, as well as family secrets. Paul and his flashbacks are simultaneously one of the best and most informative parts of the book, but also what brought this book down a star. The way he entered into the knowledge of magic, forced his way into the White Rabbit Society, even his birth and upbringing, are all so intriguing and interesting, yet we only see brief instances of these events. Detzner cuts through the present day story with bits of the past, as well as bits of the present with other characters, and it simply doesn’t work as effectively as it could. Were it only cuts between Paul’s past and Andrew’s present, it would make White Rabbit Society much more effective. However, cutting between Paul’s past, Andrew’s present, and then various other side characters from the Society, it just gets too jumbled and confusing. I lost track of who some characters were and how they fit into the story or with each other.

If you’re into urban paranormal/magic realism stories a la Dresden Files, but with a stronger human touch, I wholeheartedly recommend you pick up White Rabbit Society by Brendan Detzner. It is solidly written, well developed, and has a strong plot that really makes me want to check out more his writing.

About the Author

Brendan Detzner writes in a big messy pile of different genres and formats. His work is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and usually very strange. He lives in Forest Park, IL and runs the Bad Grammar Theater reading series in Chicago. He can be contacted at brendandetzner@yahoo.com.

– via his official website.

You can also support Brendan via his Patreon page

Friday Book Memes

Friday 56 & Book Beginnings for August 19

Hosted by Freda’s Voice, the Friday 56 asks readers to grab their book, turn to page 56 (or 56%) and post a non-spoilery sentence. Decided to go with our Roadside Reads Podcast Read-along, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

Six of Crows


It was the first part of a Fjerdan saying, The water hears and understands. 


For Book Beginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader, we share the start of a book we’re reading, along with our impressions. I’ve just started reading White Rabbit Society by Brendan Detzner and was super sucked into it already with just the start.

White Rabbit Society


Paul had meant to sleep, just for a little while in case the old man checked in on him, but it was all he could do to lay still. His heart was beating like a jackhammer. It’d been there all day, when he’d woken up in the morning and had breakfast and swept the floor of the library. Today’s the day, today’s the day. 

This was such an intriguing start to the book and really blew me away. I wasn’t expecting it to be so immediately interested and invested in the novel, so I’m super excited to see where it goes. Paul gives me the creepy feels and I want to know more about Shadow, the creature in the cover. I’m super excited to get through this book over the weekend!