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Thursday Quotables: Feast of Fates

Thursday Quotables is a weekly book meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies, showcasing your favourite book quote of the week. This week, I’ve got an AMAZING quote that just captivated me right into the book I’ve picked up again, Feast of Fates by Christian A. Brown.

Feast of Fates, by Christian A. Brown


Those not walking rode the streets in carriages, with metal-and-meat horses that carried the faint herb-and-formaldehyde waft of preserved flesh. Beasts animated and repurposed from dead parts were these; enhanced with plating, pistoned legs, and nictitating eyes so that they could navigate farther and faster than a natural of their species.
Scarce was the smile that was seen on the cheeks of a Menosian, for it was a society that valued mind and power over empathy and weakness. It was a hierarchy of predators, where the weak were food for the strong.

V – The Mouse



I DIED when I got to this section. Honestly, I had put this book down a year ago because I just wasn’t in the right headspace and couldn’t get into the beginning. But as soon as I picked it back up again and hit that chapter, I was just hooked. I could not believe I ever stopped reading this. Just, so dark and predatory, it is exactly what I love. I cannot wait to finish this and have the review up next week!

What was your quote of the week?

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  1. Lisa

    Wow. I have no idea what the book is about, but that description is so creepy/gross and awesome! Looking forward to hearing more about this book!

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