Thursday Quotables

Thursday Quotables: The Queen’s Poisoner

Thursday Quotables is a weekly book meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies, showcasing your favourite book quote of the week. This week, I’ve been reading The Queen’s Poisoner (The Kingfountain Series Book 1)

The Queen's Poisoner“Too many people are frightened. They want youth to last. They complain bitterly if sickness comes. But the world is always in tumult, and fortunes rise and fall and fail. It is the ambitious who accomplish things. It takes courage to be ambitious, for never was anything great achieved without risk. I wish to become the head of the Espion. There — I’ve written it down. A goal not written down is merely a wish”

Chapter 11 – The Fountain


I AM LOVING The Queens Poisoner! So, so happy this was one of the Amazon Prime choices this month. The writing alone really makes me want to check out more of author Jeff Wheeler’s work.

What was your quote of the week?

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