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Thursday Quotables: Wishes and Sorrows

Thursday Quotables is a weekly book meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies, showcasing your favourite book quote of the week. This week, I’ve decided to share a quote from one of my favourite short stories from the book I’m currently reading, Wishes and Sorrows by Cindy Lynn Speer.

Wishes and Sorrows, by Cindy Lynn Speer

And that was how they became friends.

For a few days longer, Aziza allowed her life to be simple. She would walk the night, and Jophas would follow her. After a week he was sleeping on the floor next to her bed. She felt protected, which was odd, because what could frighten a bell witch?

– The Bell Witch and the Queen of the Vines


This is the opening story in Wishes and Sorrows and it is one of my favourites of the book so far. The quote above is when I knew this was going to be a great story and a fantastic book to read. Just a witch and her wolf <3

Look for a complete review of Wishes and Sorrows in the coming weeks!

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2 replies to “Thursday Quotables: Wishes and Sorrows

  1. amyh90

    Great quote! It sounds like her new best friend is a dog. I just assume that because a human wouldn’t really sleep on the floor of any kind of lady’s room. The comforting part makes sense for a dog too. I love it 😀

  2. Lisa

    Oh, that’s awesome! I had no idea that was a wolf when I read the quote — I thought it was some sort of chivalrous protector (human!). Sounds terrific.

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