Dream Faces by Steve Shanks

Dream Faces by Steve Shanks

 Dream Faces
by Steve Shanks

Mark Stephens’ quiet life as an artist is turned upside down. At age 42 he finally receives the opportunity he has been working for. A national gallery discovers his art and wants to make him wealthy. At the same time he has big problems. His current series of paintings are based on the vivid dreams he has recently been having about three girls. The trouble is, as the girls appear in his paintings, they disappear from their families, and the police are eyeing him as the primary suspect. On top of that, the real kidnappers, a group of Russians from Detroit, discover his paintings, and believe he is aware of them, endangering him and his family. There is a silver lining. Out of the chaos Mark discovers he has a gift. He has the Sight. He can suddenly see his guardian Angel and other more sinister beings. The police think Mark is insane or at best a suspect. So Mark goes after the kidnapped girls to try and rescue them. Mark is not an action hero. He is an artist. But he does have a Guardian Angel. Dream Faces is a powerful new debut suspense supernatural novel about everyday heroes, self sacrifice, and the choices we make.

Rated: ★★
Publisher: CreativeSpace
Publication: July 13, 2016
Genre: Mystery, Angels
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this title.


Dream Faces by Steve Shanks

Such an interesting concept, Dream Faces by Steve Shanks was a unique mystery novel that left me wondering what would happen next. It was an easy read, simple and to the point. Pacing never lagged. The main character seemed real, but the Russian mobsters appeared to be little more than caricatures, as did the cops. I’m unsure if Shanks watches many crime shows or detective series, but I was intrigued that the cops went in so hard on Mark when they didn’t have anything to tie him to the murders. They would usually try to play good guy. Or at the very least, have someone run surveillance on him or ask him for an alibi the night of the disappearances, none of which happened. All of that said, it was still a decent mystery and I really enjoyed the addition of angels and demons whispering and influencing the characters.

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