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Top Ten Tuesday – February 16, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme was music and books! I’ll be taking their idea of listing ten songs I wish were books because that is something I think of WAAAY too often. So, in no particular order…

  1. Cigarette Daydreams, by Cage the Elephant //
    Cigarette Daydream, You were only seventeen
    Soft speak with a mean streak

    Nearly brought me to my knees
    Every time I listen to this song, I image a tumultuous relationship between two old friends and lovers whose timing is never right. Each person a little too damaged, but still desperate for the other’s companionship. I really would love to see how this would turn out.
  2. Anna Sun, by Walk the Moon //
    What do you know, this house is falling apart
    We got no money, but we got heart
    We’re gonna rattle this ghost town
    This seems like it would be SUCH a fun coming-of-age story. Characters just having fun and making the best out of a lackluster town.
  3. Two Stones, by Walking on Cars //
    Oh, if I let you down, we’re just two hearts that one day will go their own way
    Oh, as I see it now, we’re like two stones trying to float on water
    In your mind, in your mind it’s over
    Cause you know that I can’t stay sober yet
    This songs always gets me. Just, the emotion in the lead singer’s voice. I envision a narrator who is so in love with his partner but whose addiction is too overwhelming to give up. So when his partner finally breaks up with him, he is so broken, but so relieved because he no longer needs to pretend to be a better person and he can no longer keep hurting them.
  4. We Used to Wait, by Arcade Fire //
    I used to write, I used to write letters, I used to sign my name
    I used to sleep at night
    Before the flashing lights settled deep in my brain
    This would be an interesting almost dystopian type story. Possibly told by an older person who has gone through the before world and the after, lamenting the tiny things they never got a chance to do.
  5. If It’s the Beaches, by Avett Brothers //
    Take whatever you think of
    While I go gas up the truck
    Pack the old love letters up
    We will read them when we forget why we left here
    SO MANY Avett Brothers songs just kill me. This is one that has me tear up on occasion. Just being in two different points in time where love isn’t enough and both realise it. But once it gets to the breaking point, neither can let go of the other, so they let go of everything else.
  6. Murder in the City, by Avett Brothers //
    If I get murdered in the city, go read the letter in my desk
    Don’t bother with all my belongings, but pay attention to the list
    Make sure my daughter knows I lover her, make sure her mother knows the same
    Always remember there was nothing worth sharing
    Like the love that let us share our name
    Another Avett Brothers song, this one also just feels like a complete story in and of itself. Family whose life is finally coming together leaves home for work and is murdered. Possibly knows that’s what he’s walking into, but can’t back down. Then, the aftermath of his family dealing with the emotional fallout.
  7. Dearly Departed, by Marianas Trench //
    I don’t know how to mend it where this chapter ended
    When all of my plans have depended on you
    But at least tonight we’ll still pretend
    Hold each other close and pretend it’s not the end
    Like the previous Avett Brothers’ songs, this one is also a story all its own. A couple who love each other, but it just isn’t working any more. It’s melancholic and sad.
  8. I of the Storm, by Of Monsters and Men //
    If I could face them, if I could make amends
    With all my shadows, I’d bow my head and welcome them
    I could see this being a book about a YA fantasy heroine who has struggled and fought with everything she has to survive, to win, but it’s cost her everything, her humanity, her friends, family, lovers. Once she has prevailed against all of the forces that were holding her back, she finds herself unrecognisable and wants to go back to being who she was, but is afraid, or better knows, that she cannot.
  9. This is Gospel, by Panic! At the Disco //
    If you love me, let me go
    Cause these words are knives that often leave scars
    The fear of falling apart
    And truth be told, I never was yours
    Another YA fantasy of a fallen god/dess or angel who has disguised themselves as mortal, locking themselves away out of shame for what they’ve done. Yet, they find themselves unable to stay silent and hidden away for too long as they begin to coming back to the world thanks to a friend or impossible love. Before they know it, they’ve fallen head over heals but know it will only end in disaster, so they pull away and face their original destiny.
  10. Ride, by Twenty One Pilots //
    Yeah, I think about the end just way too much, but it’s fun to fantasize
    All my enemies who wouldn’t wish who I was, but it’s fun to fantasize
    I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride
    This would be a fun, light-hearted but still dark story, urban fantasy/supernatural about a mercenary/demon hunter who knows their end is coming, but in the meanwhile, enjoys the life he’s currently living. During quiet times, they’ll fantasize about how their end will come about, wondering if it will be glorious and spectacular, or just something ordinary and mundane.

That’s it for my Top Ten Tuesday. This was so much fun! There were so many other songs I could have chosen. If only one day I had the skill and time, all of these would be novels!

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    1. Lulu Post author

      Yes, I love Of Monsters and Men, though I must confess I haven’t had a decent chance to listen to much of their latest album.

    1. Lulu Post author

      Thank you! I feel like lyrics are really what make a song for me sometimes and I know its what especially makes me compare songs to books

    1. Lulu Post author

      Thank you! Also, audiobooks :O For whatever reason, I can never ever get into them, which makes me so sad because I know I would read so many more books if I could. Maybe I just need to find the right book with the right narrator.

  1. Allyson

    I haven’t heard any of these songs, though I did used to be embarrassingly obsessed with Panic at the Disco growing up :p I love that you included lyrics and a good description of how you think it could work! Makes it easier for those of us who haven’t heard the songs 🙂

    My TTT.

    Also, feel free to check out this week’s new giveaway!

  2. Amber (YA Indulgences)

    Cigarette Daydreams! I’d love the entire Melophobia album to be made into books. It’s so good. I like the Anna Sun song too! Coming of Age stories are great.
    Oh Arcade Fire and Marianas Trench<3 I loved MT's new album Astoria so, so much. One of my favorite albums of last year.
    This Is Gospel would make a great story, I love that song. Great list today! Here is my TTT

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